English Editing for your Scientific Manuscript

Guarantee: Your documents will NOT be edited by a student.

English is the dominant language of the scientific world. To contribute internationally, scientists must communicate and publish in English. The goal of Global Biological Editing is to improve the English and clarity of biological manuscripts and other works written by scientists whose native language is not English. We also encourage the use of international recommendations for scientific style and format in writing that editors and publishers require.
We edit

● journal articles
● grant proposals
● theses
● books/book chapters
● slide presentations and posters
● letters

Biological Subjects

Molecular biology
Medical Sciences
Veterinary Medicine
Agricultural Sciences
We will correct

● scientific style and format
● order and choice of words
● redundancy
● excessive complexity
● unclear meaning
sentence structure
paragraph structure
logical flow

Operating systems

Mac OS X
An unfortunate truth in science is that quality is often measured by impact factor. Another truth is that publication in a top journal requires clear writing as well as good science. English editing can help. Editors, reviewers, funding agencies, and colleagues should judge your research based on your scientific ideas, not your English skills.

The professional service we offer is to edit your scientific manuscript so that it reads like it was written by a native speaker of English. We "level the playing field", as we say in English, in the competition for publication, funding, and recognition. As specialists in the biological sciences - molecular biology, genetics, zoology, botany, ecology, human and veterinary medicine, or agricultural sciences - we can understand what you want to say and then help you to say it better.

The costs in time and money of enhancing publication, funding, and citation through language editing are very small compared to the large investments you have put into your career and research. We cannot help you to be a better scientist, but we can help you to succeed as a scientist.